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The Barrage to Come

If you get this post in the mail, be warned, you’re about to get a lot more.

Way back in February when I “soft launched” this website, I intended that each book in our store would receive its own blog entry, complete with table of contents. That’s how we’d let you know about new releases as they came online.

But life got in the way. Our bookstore now holds more than a dozen books and we’ve not posted a single blog entry. Already online are a half-dozen American Alpine Journals, two (and soon three) editions of the Japanese Alpine News, the 2011 Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa, two books by Mark Jenkins, and two books of my own.

So in the coming weeks we’ll post blog entries daily, including tables of contents and often excerpts from the book or its reviews. The barrage of blog entries will slow down just as soon as we catch up with inventory.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this whirlwind tour of the world’s mountains!

Berg heil,

John Harlin


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