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American Alpine Journal 2008


Published annually since 1929, the American Alpine Journal is internationally renowned as the finest publication of its kind—the world’s “journal of record” for documenting significant climbs. In the Feature Stories we hear from those who have made many of the most impressive first ascents of the year: the big routes that will become tomorrow’s legends. In Climbs & Expeditions we discover what else has happened in almost all the world’s mountains. The 2008 edition is 500 pages long.

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The 2008 edition of the American Alpine Journal includes:

The Illusion of Control, by Christian Trommsdorff
Third time’s the charm on Pumari Chhish South in Pakistan.

Taste the Paine, by Dave Turner
Thirty-four days alone on a big wall in Patagonia.

The Magic Pillar, by Sergey Kofanov
A pure alpine-style first ascent of the west ridge of Jannu in Nepal.

Gorge Play, by Tatsuro Yamada
Three first ascents in the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier.

The Fin Wall, by Freddie Wilkinson
Exploring a little-known Alaskan giant.

The Torre Traverse, by Rolando Garibotti
A two-decade-old Patagonian dream is realized.

The Shafat Fortress, by Jonny Copp
Avoiding conflicts with a new route in Kashmir.

Twice Lucky, by Steve House
Ascents in the Charakusa Valley of Pakistan.

Handholds to Heaven, by Nicolas Favresse
Hard free-climbing on the rock walls of Pakistan’s Charakusa Valley.

Siulá Chico, by Jordi Corominas
The first ascent of a huge ice wall in the Cordillera Huayhuash of Peru.

82 X 4,000, by Miha Valic
All of the Alps’ highest peaks in a single winter season.

Lightning Strike, by Stephan Siegrist
The first ascent of the north face of Arwa Tower in India.

Growing Up, by Doug Robinson
On the south face of Half Dome, Yosemite.

Emerging from the Mists, by Roger Payne
The sublime alpine peaks of Sikkim, India.

Climbs & Expeditions:

Contiguous United States, Alaska, Canada, Greenland

Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina & Chile

Antarctica, Iceland, Norway

Middle East (Jordan, Sinai, Oman), Africa (Algeria, Ethiopia, Madagascar)

Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Tibet

AAC Grants

Book Reviews, edited by David Stevenson
New books by Valerie Mendenhall Cohen, Ed Cooper, Steph Davis, Glen Denny, Dick Dorworth, John Harlin III, Bernadette McDonald, James M. Tabor, Stephen Venables, Christopher Van Tilburg.

In Memoriam, edited by Cameron M. Burns
Remembering Pete Absolon, Robert G. Allison, Robert Hicks Bates, Edmund Percival Hillary, Lara-Karena Bitenieks Kellogg, Charles Frederick Kroger, J. Alex Maxwell, Richard E. McGowan, Mike Strassman, Sadao Tambe.

Club Activities, edited by Frederick O. Johnson



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