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American Alpine Journal 2007


Published annually since 1929, the American Alpine Journal is internationally renowned as the finest publication of its kind—the world’s “journal of record” for documenting significant climbs. In the Feature Stories we hear from those who have made many of the most impressive first ascents of the year: the big routes that will become tomorrow’s legends. In Climbs & Expeditions we discover what else has happened in almost all the world’s mountains.

The 2007 edition is 500 pages. The PDF layout is mostly horizontal “spreads.”

See the table of contents below.


The layout is mostly in horizontal “spreads.” This means you may need to zoom in to read the text.
Feature articles:

The Winds of Chomolhari, by Marko Prezelj
A test of will on a cold Tibetan wall.

Sueños del Torre, by Colin Haley
A 4,500-foot ice climb linking the south face and west ridge of Cerro Torre.

The Entropy Wall, by Jed Brown
A direct route up Mt. Moffit’s north face.

The McNeill-Nott Memorial Route, by Will Mayo
A new line on the south face of Mt. Foraker.

The Canadian Direct, by Maxime Turgeon
Walking a fine line on the south face of Denali.

Freeing Zion’s Thunderbird Wall, by Michael Anderson
A big payoff for a long apprenticeship in sandstone climbing.

Encounters With Janak, by Andrej Stremfelj
A seven-year itch for a 7,000-meter Himalayan beauty.

Cho Oyu Contradictions, by Pavle Kozjek
Escaping harsh realities on a single-push new route in the Himalaya.

A Taste of Karakoram Ice, by Dodo Kopold
Exploring the early-season potential above the Trango Glacier.

The Genyen Massif, by Molly Loomis
Treading lightly in a sacred range.

The Chinese Tien Shan, by Anatoliy Djuliy
New routes and great potential in a seldom-visited range.

Information on Ice, by Damien Gildea
Seven years of first ascents and data collection in Antarctica.

Washburn Remembered
Encounters with the man and his photographs, with contributions from Malcolm Bass,
Geoff Birtles, Riccardo Cassin, Peter Metcalf, Thom Pollard, David Roberts, Doug Scott,Lionel Terray, Angus Thuermer Jr., Maxime Turgeon, Stephen Venables, and Roger Wallis.

Washburn In The AAJ; The East Face of Denali, by Bradford Washburn
A legacy for mountaineers.

The Front Lines of Climate Change, by Joe Stock
Mountaineers are the world’s witnesses to glacial decline.

The Alpine Conservation Partnership, by Alton C. Byers, Ph.D.
A global initiative to protect and restore alpine ecosystems.

Le Piolet d’Or, by Marko Prezelj and Philippe Descamps
Whither prizes for alpinism?

Climbs and Expeditions:

Contiguous United States, Alaska, Canada, Greenland

Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, Argentina & Chile

Antarctica, Norway, New Zealand  

Middle East (Oman, Jordan), Africa (Morocco, Mali, Madagascar)

Russia, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India,

Nepal, China, Tibet, Mongolia

AAC Grants

Book Reviews, Edited by David Stevenson
Including: The Boys of Everest: Chris Bonington and the Tragedy of Climbing’s Greatest Generation, by Clint Willis; The Wall: A Thriller, by Jeff Long; Strange and Dangerous Dreams: The Fine Line Between Adventure and Madness, by Geoff Powter; The Climbing Essays, by Jim Perrin; K2: The Price of Conquest, by Lino Lacedelli & Giovanni Cenacchi; To the Ends of the Earth: Adventures of an Expedition Photographer, by Gordon Wiltsie; No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World’s Highest 14 Peaks, by Ed Viesturs and David Roberts; World Climbing: Images from the Edge, by Simon Carter; Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations–One School at a Time, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin; An Eye at the Top of the World: The Terrifying Legacy of the Cold War’s Most Daring CIA Operation, by Pete Takeda; Thin Ice: Unlocking the Secrets of Climate in the World’s Highest Mountains, by Mark Bowen; Summit: 150 Years of the Alpine Club, by George Band; Himalaya: Personal Stories of Grandeur, Challenge & Hope, edited by Richard C. Blum, Erica Stone, and Broughton Coburn; Ice Soldiers, by Paul Watkins; Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya, by David Zurick and Julsun Pacheco; Burbage, Millstone and Beyond, edited by David Simmonite.

In Memoriam, edited by Cameron M. Burns
Remembering Doug Coombs, Charles Duncan Fowler, Johann Wolfgang “Hans” Gmoser, Samuel Harlow Goodhue, Richard K Irvin, Sue Nott, John Cameron Oberlin, Todd Richard Skinner, Henry Bradford Washburn, Jr.

Club Activities, Edited by Frederick O. Johnson


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