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Mountain Clubs

These pages are for background information about clubs. Please visit the Mountain Clubs Bookstore to discover their books.
American Alpine Club Library

American Alpine Club Library

The Mountain Clubs Bookstore is the one and only place to find publications from a wide variety of the world’s climbing and mountain clubs. To go directly to each club’s journals and other books, please click here, the Mountain Clubs Bookstore tab above, or browse the Bookstores column to the right.

As the 10-year editor of the American Alpine Journal, it was my dream to be able to share this venerable “journal of record” with all the world’s climbers. After all, the AAJ is written by the world’s climbers and is about worldwide climbing, so why shouldn’t the world’s climbers also have access? I also realized that as editor I had access to mountain journals from clubs on six continents. And yet it was clear how difficult it is for anyone else to discover these resources. The Internet age required a centralized digital resource where climbers wherever they live have equal access to each other’s journals so that we can all learn together–with the hope of one day climbing together. This dream was the birth of the Mountain Clubs Bookstore, and indeed of John Harlin Media itself.

But mountain clubs have limited resources and our journals are one of the important things we do for our members. Much though we’d like to, we can’t simply give them away to non-members. That’s why they’re for sale. Each club earns revenue not only from sharing their own journals, but also from hosting the Mountain Journals Bookstore. Your purchase of anything in this store or any other store in John Harlin Media directly supports your home country’s mountain club.

The following is a list of clubs that have expressed early interest in this program. Not all of these clubs are committed, nor have all clubs been contacted. We are just now opening our digital doors, and it will take time for this to grow. If you don’t see a club or a journal represented here, kindly let me know of your interest in their publications and I’ll do my best to bring them into our fold.

Please enjoy reading about these clubs, appreciate what they do for their home country’s climbers, and, if you like what they’re up to, support them by buying their publications.

Berg Heil!
John Harlin III
Editor Emeritus
American Alpine Journal

Clubs that have expressed early interest. Links will lead you to more information about the club and its publications. You’ll find their books at the Mountain Journals Bookstore in the column to the right.

Alpine Club (AC – UK)

American Alpine Club (AAC)

Czech Mountaineering Federation (CMF)

German Alpine Club (DAV)

Himalayan Club (India)

India Mountaineering Foundation (IMF)

International Federation of Mountain Clubs (UIAA)

Japanese Alpine Club (JAC)

Japanese Mountaineering Federation (JMF)

New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC)

The Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA)

Swedish Alpine Club (SKF)

Alpine Club (AC – United Kingdom)

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