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Where Are My Books?

There are at least three places where you can find your download links. Actually more, but these should be enough:

  1. Shopping Cart: After you’ve completed your purchase, your order confirmation page should show you a blue download link with an arrow. (You can also find this in “My Orders” at the top of this page. Click the blue number corresponding with the dates of your orders.)
  2. Email: You should receive an email after your purchase from “Orders at John Harlin Media,” with the subject “Order Complete/Download Links.” Inside, under the name of each book, will be the download link(s).
  3. My Books: That’s the tab in the upper left corner of, above the site’s title. That should display all of your purchases, including download links. These links should stay active indefinitely. Newest are on the bottom.


  • Clicking the link will probably open the book inside your browser (you can save it from there).
  • Right-clicking the link will let you choose where and how to save to your computer. (Mac users: Control-click.)

Please let us know if any of these fail you. If there’s a problem, please be specific with what’s going wrong. We’ll be suitably embarrassed. More importantly, we’ll do our best to fix it pronto.

And please keep these links private. You’ve purchased these books for your personal use only. We’re extending our trust, and expecting that trust to be honored. It would be a shame to have to start introducing odious digital rights management strategies. Please see the bottom of the Digital Transitions page for more background.

Thank you,
John Harlin III
Founder, John Harlin Media

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