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Tips for Saving PDFs

Best Practice:

  1. Save the PDF to your computer by “right-clicking” the link (Mac users: control-click).
  2. Find the book (usually in your downloads folder).
  3. Double-click the file. Chances are you already have Adobe Reader on your computer or tablet, but other PDF readers are at least as good.

Problem Practice:

If you simply click on the link, it will (usually) open inside your web browser.

It might look good, but don’t let this fool you! 1) The bookmarks may or may not display. 2) The book will not be saved to your computer for future reading.

Solve this by “right-clicking” the original link instead of a basic click (Mac users: control-click).

If the PDF is already open in your browser, here’s how to download it to your computer:

Click the “save to disk” icon (the thing that looks like a 3.5-inch “floppy” disk).

This might show up in one of two places.

Perhaps here:

tips_PDF save icon Safari 1


Or it might only show up fleetingly when you move your cursor over the page. Somewhere near the bottom you might see something like this:

tips_PDF save Chrome icon 1


Either way, click the icon and the complete book will save to your device.

Now where did it go?

Most likely it went to the “Downloads” folder, unless you’ve set another destination. From there you can drag it to wherever you store your e-books.

We suggest you create a folder for your John Harlin Media books. Surely you’ll want to keep them all neatly organized! More tips on that will come later.

Sorry about all the hassle. The good news is that it’s quick and easy once you know how, and it’s definitely worthwhile.

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