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Custom Media

We’d like to help with your publishing and other media needs.

A few examples:

Digitizing your existing books. Whether you’re an author with a single book, a publisher with a backlist, or an organization with a thick stack of pamphlets, we can digitize your paper publications and prepare them for electronic distribution.

Prepping e-books for ease of use. We can’t abide user-unfriendly e-books. This includes PDF books without bookmarks, fat files (more megabytes than necessary), and awkward formatting. Let us prep your e-books to please your readers.

Editing. A good book is a collaboration between author and editor. We can help with raw concepts, rough drafts, or completed manuscripts that need a good polishing.

Writing. Have a project that needs words? Our keyboards are ready.

Publishing. Whether your company is new to publishing, needs an overhaul, or just doesn’t have time for new projects, we can custom publish to your needs. We work with multiple authors, photographers, and artists to create books, magazines, websites, films, and other collaborative works.

Translations into English. We don’t blame non-native speakers for writing imperfect English, but sometimes their attempts are pretty darned funny. We can ensure that no one laughs at your prose—except when you’re joking—whether it’s on your website, in your marketing pamphlets, or in books that you publish.

Consulting. Not sure what you need? Just looking for a little advice? Need help with managing a project? Let’s talk.

Contact us: Please call or write directly to John Harlin at John [at]; mobile: +001 541 490 9055.

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