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Authors’ Bios

JHM_bookshelves_1122-2013-01-21-at-15-08-02“Books say: She did this because.
“Life says: She did this.
“Books are where things are explained to you;
life is where things aren’t.
“I’m not surprised some people prefer books.”
— Julian Barnes

And a book without an author … wouldn’t exist.

Over in the Mountain Clubs section of this bookstore you’ll find a variety of journals compiled from the writings of many different authors.

Here in the Author’s wing you’ll meet individual writers and photographers who have labored alone in their basements trying to make sense of the world outside. John Harlin Media is a young outfit at the dawn of our day, so our collection of authors is starting off small. But we hope you’ll find that our writings are large and worth coming back to.

Please visit each author on their own page to discover their work. And sign up for our newsletter so you’ll learn when we add new authors and new books.

John Harlin III
Founder, John Harlin Media

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