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More Affiliate Info (Mountain Clubs)

This page was developed for managers of mountain clubs and federations worldwide. That’s because sharing international mountain journals among climbers was the original inspiration for John Harlin Media.

However, these same principles apply to conservation organizations and other non-profits, as well as to authors, publishers, and anyone with a website or mailing list devoted to the outdoors.

The Mountain Clubs Bookstore is a special “room” inside John Harlin Media. It’s designed to be an inviting place for your members to discover journals from mountain clubs around the world.

From your website (or newsletter or emails), your club’s members can be sent directly to the Mountain Clubs Bookstore, where they will immediately see the fast-growing collection of journals. But your members are not restricted to the Mountain Clubs Bookstore alone–they may purchase from anywhere on, and your club will earn a commission from everything they buy. Of course you earn additional income from selling your club’s journals. Lets discuss exact percentages by email, as there are different rates for different types of affiliates.

How affiliate marketing works.

How affiliate marketing works.

The Mountain Clubs Bookstore is our first priority in developing John Harlin Media. With your participation, it should grow rapidly. We would very much like to include your club as soon as you are able to join us.

Here is how it works:

  1. Your club signs up for an affiliate account at
  2. You place a link to the Mountain Clubs Bookstore in your website, blog, email, and/or newsletter (you may link directly to, if you prefer).
  3. Your members click on the link. If they purchase a journal or book, your club earns a percent of the sale.

If you sell your own journal through the Mountain Clubs Bookstore, you will earn 50% of the sale price (in addition to your affiliate sales). You may also sell your other club books in the Mountain Clubs Bookstore; you are not limited to journals.

Is your club’s journal not ready for international sales?

  • You don’t have to sell your journal to participate. You can begin by selling other club’s journals and then add your own whenever you are ready.
  • John Harlin Media is happy to help you prepare your journals and other books for digital sale. If the work isn’t great, you will not be charged. For heavier work, we can deduct the cost from your initial revenues. There is no risk or investment on your part.

Please sign up on our Affiliates page, or contact me first.

Berg Heil,
John Harlin III
Founder, John Harlin Media

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