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For Affiliates

Do you own a website or publish a blog? If so, you may already be familiar with affiliate marketing, though it hasn’t been used much in the outdoor world.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the hottest and most profitable tool on the Internet because it allows anyone who is part of a network to sell anything that’s in the network with no investment or risk. Individuals, clubs, organizations, and businesses worldwide can use affiliate marketing to sell specialized e-books to their special-interest readers.

It works like this: When someone with a website or blog (you) links to a product (our e-books) or a company (John Harlin Media), they earn a commission from the sales that ensue.

To participate, you must join our Affiliate Program, which is a simple process you can do right here. We’ll provide you with a snippet of html code, which you can apply to a link, a photo, one of our pre-built ads (“banners”), or even paragraphs of text (including book reviews). You place this link on your website, insert it into a blog, or add it to an e-newsletter or an email. The affiliate system then tracks the purchases and pays your commission. The standard commission is 10% of the retail price of each book, though clubs and large mailing lists might get more. Monthly payments are made by PayPal (for select exceptions we can pay by bank transfer).

Affiliate marketing works especially well within shared fields of interest—climbers selling books about climbing, conservationists on conservation, travelers on traveling, etc. As our worldwide authors and readers become affiliates, the network will spread quickly to reach a global audience. Our first priority is developing a network of international mountain clubs, which explains the Mountain Clubs Bookstore.

Please join us by visiting the Affiliates tab on top of this website, or just click here.


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