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JHM_bookshelves_1131-2013-01-21-at-15-11-10If you create books devoted to outdoor adventure or protecting the natural world, John Harlin Media might be a good place to sell them. We only carry e-books, but we’re willing to help you convert titles that haven’t yet made the transition.

We’re a pretty small outfit at the moment as we “soft-launch” with an initial focus on annual journals from mountain clubs worldwide and books from a select few authors. Soon we’ll add additional books from a small publisher. True to the soft-launch philosophy, this is a period to learn and to adapt quickly. Our plans are much bigger, culminating with becoming the world’s go-to bookstore for digital books about the “outdoors,” including adventure, travel, conservation, and sustainable development. A growing focus will be practical information for preserving wild places and indigenous cultures.

How will we find customers?

Through a unique approach to affiliate marketing. You likely know that affiliate sales have long been the rage in Internet marketing. It seems that everyone’s doing it. Everyone, that is, except book publishers, or at least outdoors-oriented book publishers.

The quick low-down on affiliate marketing is that it allows anyone with an Internet presence (website, blog, email list, even a Facebook page) to join your sales force. The affiliate gets paid as a percentage of sales that originate from their links. All an affiliate has to do is join our affiliate program and post a link asking readers to click on it. Cookies take over from there. The affiliate gets paid once a month.

Why would an affiliate’s readers click on our link?

Because they want our books. The affiliate and its readers are a community with the same interests and an established, trusted relationship. If the affiliate likes a book, its readers will like it, too.

Here’s an example: mountain clubs.

The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (known by its French acronym, UIAA) currently wrangles 83 national clubs representing 1.3 million members in 57 countries. There are other federations representing other mountain clubs and several million additional members.

The Mountain Clubs Bookstore (see the tab above) sells annual journals and more from a selection of these clubs. You’ll currently see journals from the American Alpine Club, the Japanese Alpine Club, and the Mountain Club of South Africa, all in English; several more will be added shortly. These are magnificent publications, but they’re only a sample of what the world’s mountain clubs have produced. This is the first time that these clubs have ever had the opportunity to share each other’s journals. There’s good reason to share, as much of the content is of interest to everyone.

Here’s how it fits into affiliate marketing and the rapid expansion of John Harlin Media:

Each participating club, and also the federations that represent collections of clubs, will join our affiliate program. They’ll be given their choice of banner ads of all sizes that promote the Mountain Clubs Bookstore—and/or specific titles inside the bookstore. Their members who buy books from John Harlin Media—not just club journals, but ANY book from any of our specialty bookstores—will provide revenue to the club. The clubs benefit by being able to offer their members highly targeted books of clear interest to their members, and by earning revenue from those sales—with no financial investment and zero risk. John Harlin Media and our authors benefit because the clubs rapidly expand our outreach to targeted audiences.

We’re launching with mountain clubs because this is my background—for ten years I was the chief editor of the American Alpine Journal; I know and love this global community. But we’ll soon apply this model to other organizations, including conservation groups and non-profits with big outreach. The goal is to provide them with e-books that their members will want. The clubs can offer their members a benefit and earn revenue at the same time. There will be more to our affiliate network than clubs and non-profits, but they’re a wonderful beginning.

Which brings us back to you. If you’d like to participate by offering appropriate titles from your backlist in the rapidly growing bookstores on, please get in touch. We’d love to work with you.

John Harlin III
Founder, John Harlin Media

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